Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Reduced Priced Lawn Bowls and Bowls Clothing

Everyone loves a bargain, and whether you have just taken up bowls, or are experienced in the game, there are some excellent offers to be had. As bowls suppliers, our extensive website has all the latest bowls and equipment, plus a clearance section which is updated as new ranges come in.

This means at Bowls World you can pick up some great clothing and equipment at reduced prices, without compromising on quality. If you are not quite so fashion conscious, and don’t feel you have to wear the latest sportswear, our clearance lines give you the chance to snap up a bargain at up to 70 per cent off.

This article looks at some of the special offers that are available this spring. All items in our discount range sell out quickly; so if you see something you want, hurry before we run out of stock.
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Prohawk Sports Jacket

With the bowls season already started, as bowls suppliers we have some fantastic high quality discount clothing to keep you warm and dry throughout the season. The shower and windproof Prohawk Sports Jacket, with a blue or black trim, is perfect for stylish bowls players and is available at half price. Only small sizes now remain.

Prohawk Sports Polo Shirt

You can save as much as 40 per cent off the price of the Prohawk Sports Polo Shirt, with black panels, piping and collar. It is great to wear on or off the green but only small sizes are available.

Emsmorn Bowls Skirts 

Here’s your chance to save a whopping 70 per cent off Emsmorn Bowls Skirts. Made from one hundred per cent polyester, this fully lined, pleated skirt with part elasticated waist is available in two colours – grey and white – and in several sizes from 12x28 up to 22x26. As in all our clearance range, you can enjoy free postage to the UK mainland.

Taylor Bowls & Lady Dawn Skirts 

You can save 70 per cent off these Taylor Bowls or Lady Dawn skirts, in white, which have handy pockets and a part-elasticated waist. Sizes available are 12x30 up to 26x30. Bag yourself a bargain today!

Henselite Ladies White Trousers 

For a limited time only, you have the chance to save an amazing 70 per cent off these ladies’ bowls trousers with comfy stretch waist. Only two sizes and lengths are left – 10x31 and 22x31.

Drakes Pride 'Victoria' Ladies Hat 

Shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun is an essential in the spring and summer months. And, if you don’t want to splash out too much on headwear, you can save 50 per cent off the Australian designed Drakes Pride ‘Victoria’ hat. Only the extra small size is available.

Club Range (All Sizes)

If you want high quality clothing without the designer logo, our club range is perfect and is half the price of branded clothing. At Bowls World, you can buy bargain Club Range V neck pullovers, cardigans, trousers, fleeces and jackets made from high quality materials and in a complete range of sizes from S to XXXXXL.

Reduced Price Bowls

Henselite Tiger 

If you are looking for a winning bowl from Henselite, this limited edition bowl, at 20 per cent off, could be it. It has a draw line between the Classic and Classic II and is perfect for outdoor and slower paced indoor surfaces. Only size 2H, gripped, is available, in coral.

Drakes Pride/Drakes Pride Professional

These bowls are the perfect choice for indoor surfaces or faster outdoor greens and have a constant finish with no hook. We only have the brown versions available in size 5M (Drakes Pride) at £30 less than the original price.

Welkin Shoes

In addition, Bowls World sell a wide range of white (and grey) soft ladies’ and gents’ Welkin shoes at reduced prices. These include Moccasin style bowls shoes, trainer style, lace-ups and Velcro shoes. Just click on the link below to find out more.

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