Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Getting to Grips with Henselite Slice Bowls

At Bowls World we are giving you the chance to outshine the competition on the green by getting to grips with ‘Slice’ – Henselite’s fantastic new selection of coloured lawn bowls. We’ve already been rushed off our feet with requests for this brand new bowls collection, so we’re taking orders now for ‘Slice’, in time for when the products hit the shelves in November.

Martin Curtis of Bowls World, which sells an extensive range of bowls clothing and equipment in the UK and worldwide, said; “We are already experiencing a high demand for ‘Slice’ so we’re offering all our customers the chance to pre-order their new bowls to make sure they don’t miss out.”

Coloured Lawn Bowls Click here to view our full range of bowls from Henselite and other leading manufacturers.

About Slice Bowls
Henselite’s fashionable ‘Slice’ limited edition bowls come in three amazing new colour ways – ‘Radar’, ‘Regal’ and ‘Empire’, so you’ll bring individuality to every game you play. With such fun colours and styles, your brand new bowls are likely to turn heads and be the talking point of the club!
They are being snapped up fast; so don’t miss out. Order yours now from Bowls World to secure your set today! All the bowls in this range benefit from the series ‘C’ grip for comfort and precise delivery.

Here’s about each of the new bowls in turn:

Radar Slice
The ‘Radar Slice’ comes in an attractive green/black combination with white speckle and are expected to be flying off the shelves on the launch date. You can order this distinctive colour range in sizes 3H and 4H for the Tiger, Tiger II and Tiger Pro models, although you can also buy a size 2H in the Tiger.

Regal Slice
The stunning blue/red speckled ‘Regal Slice’ bowls are designed to proudly stand out above the rest on the green. You can buy this distinguished limited edition bowls set in sizes 2H to 4H in the Tiger, Tiger II and Tiger Pro models today. 

Empire Slice
If you are feeling patriotic or are an England fan, you can show your personality on the green with these stylish red, white and blue bowls. Full of character, these superb unique bowls are already selling fast and are available in sizes 3H and 4H in the Tiger, Tiger II and Tiger Pro models, and size 2H only in the Tiger model.

How to Pre-Order
You can pre-order your Henselite ‘Slice’ coloured lawn bowls from Bowls World today. Just secure your set of four ‘Radar’ or ‘Empire Slice’ bowls with a £60 deposit today and settle the remaining balance on delivery.

Bowls WorldClick here to order your new ‘Slice’ coloured bowls for UK or international delivery. We offer free delivery via DHL to customers on the UK mainland. Customers living outside the UK will have a delivery charge automatically added to their bill at the online checkout).

Henselite Coloured Bowls
In addition to the new 'Slice' range, Bowls World sell a wide range of gripped bowls from Henselite with fun names and bright colours to reflect every bowl player’s personality.

Henselite coloured bowls have been designed to be as individual as you are! The coloured range includes ‘Planet Earth’ in blue (with white speckle), ‘Galaxy White’ (black with white speckle), Atomic Red (red with blue and white speckle), ‘Midnight’ (blue with blue speckle), ‘Ruby Rich’ (burgundy with red speckle), and Ocean Green (green with blue speckle);  in all sizes from OH to 5H. Buy now from Bowls World today so you don’t miss out!