Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Getting to Grips with Henselite Slice Bowls

At Bowls World we are giving you the chance to outshine the competition on the green by getting to grips with ‘Slice’ – Henselite’s fantastic new selection of coloured lawn bowls. We’ve already been rushed off our feet with requests for this brand new bowls collection, so we’re taking orders now for ‘Slice’, in time for when the products hit the shelves in November.

Martin Curtis of Bowls World, which sells an extensive range of bowls clothing and equipment in the UK and worldwide, said; “We are already experiencing a high demand for ‘Slice’ so we’re offering all our customers the chance to pre-order their new bowls to make sure they don’t miss out.”

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About Slice Bowls
Henselite’s fashionable ‘Slice’ limited edition bowls come in three amazing new colour ways – ‘Radar’, ‘Regal’ and ‘Empire’, so you’ll bring individuality to every game you play. With such fun colours and styles, your brand new bowls are likely to turn heads and be the talking point of the club!
They are being snapped up fast; so don’t miss out. Order yours now from Bowls World to secure your set today! All the bowls in this range benefit from the series ‘C’ grip for comfort and precise delivery.

Here’s about each of the new bowls in turn:

Radar Slice
The ‘Radar Slice’ comes in an attractive green/black combination with white speckle and are expected to be flying off the shelves on the launch date. You can order this distinctive colour range in sizes 3H and 4H for the Tiger, Tiger II and Tiger Pro models, although you can also buy a size 2H in the Tiger.

Regal Slice
The stunning blue/red speckled ‘Regal Slice’ bowls are designed to proudly stand out above the rest on the green. You can buy this distinguished limited edition bowls set in sizes 2H to 4H in the Tiger, Tiger II and Tiger Pro models today. 

Empire Slice
If you are feeling patriotic or are an England fan, you can show your personality on the green with these stylish red, white and blue bowls. Full of character, these superb unique bowls are already selling fast and are available in sizes 3H and 4H in the Tiger, Tiger II and Tiger Pro models, and size 2H only in the Tiger model.

How to Pre-Order
You can pre-order your Henselite ‘Slice’ coloured lawn bowls from Bowls World today. Just secure your set of four ‘Radar’ or ‘Empire Slice’ bowls with a £60 deposit today and settle the remaining balance on delivery.

Bowls WorldClick here to order your new ‘Slice’ coloured bowls for UK or international delivery. We offer free delivery via DHL to customers on the UK mainland. Customers living outside the UK will have a delivery charge automatically added to their bill at the online checkout).

Henselite Coloured Bowls
In addition to the new 'Slice' range, Bowls World sell a wide range of gripped bowls from Henselite with fun names and bright colours to reflect every bowl player’s personality.

Henselite coloured bowls have been designed to be as individual as you are! The coloured range includes ‘Planet Earth’ in blue (with white speckle), ‘Galaxy White’ (black with white speckle), Atomic Red (red with blue and white speckle), ‘Midnight’ (blue with blue speckle), ‘Ruby Rich’ (burgundy with red speckle), and Ocean Green (green with blue speckle);  in all sizes from OH to 5H. Buy now from Bowls World today so you don’t miss out!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Reduced Priced Lawn Bowls and Bowls Clothing

Everyone loves a bargain, and whether you have just taken up bowls, or are experienced in the game, there are some excellent offers to be had. As bowls suppliers, our extensive website has all the latest bowls and equipment, plus a clearance section which is updated as new ranges come in.

This means at Bowls World you can pick up some great clothing and equipment at reduced prices, without compromising on quality. If you are not quite so fashion conscious, and don’t feel you have to wear the latest sportswear, our clearance lines give you the chance to snap up a bargain at up to 70 per cent off.

This article looks at some of the special offers that are available this spring. All items in our discount range sell out quickly; so if you see something you want, hurry before we run out of stock.
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Prohawk Sports Jacket

With the bowls season already started, as bowls suppliers we have some fantastic high quality discount clothing to keep you warm and dry throughout the season. The shower and windproof Prohawk Sports Jacket, with a blue or black trim, is perfect for stylish bowls players and is available at half price. Only small sizes now remain.

Prohawk Sports Polo Shirt

You can save as much as 40 per cent off the price of the Prohawk Sports Polo Shirt, with black panels, piping and collar. It is great to wear on or off the green but only small sizes are available.

Emsmorn Bowls Skirts 

Here’s your chance to save a whopping 70 per cent off Emsmorn Bowls Skirts. Made from one hundred per cent polyester, this fully lined, pleated skirt with part elasticated waist is available in two colours – grey and white – and in several sizes from 12x28 up to 22x26. As in all our clearance range, you can enjoy free postage to the UK mainland.

Taylor Bowls & Lady Dawn Skirts 

You can save 70 per cent off these Taylor Bowls or Lady Dawn skirts, in white, which have handy pockets and a part-elasticated waist. Sizes available are 12x30 up to 26x30. Bag yourself a bargain today!

Henselite Ladies White Trousers 

For a limited time only, you have the chance to save an amazing 70 per cent off these ladies’ bowls trousers with comfy stretch waist. Only two sizes and lengths are left – 10x31 and 22x31.

Drakes Pride 'Victoria' Ladies Hat 

Shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun is an essential in the spring and summer months. And, if you don’t want to splash out too much on headwear, you can save 50 per cent off the Australian designed Drakes Pride ‘Victoria’ hat. Only the extra small size is available.

Club Range (All Sizes)

If you want high quality clothing without the designer logo, our club range is perfect and is half the price of branded clothing. At Bowls World, you can buy bargain Club Range V neck pullovers, cardigans, trousers, fleeces and jackets made from high quality materials and in a complete range of sizes from S to XXXXXL.

Reduced Price Bowls

Henselite Tiger 

If you are looking for a winning bowl from Henselite, this limited edition bowl, at 20 per cent off, could be it. It has a draw line between the Classic and Classic II and is perfect for outdoor and slower paced indoor surfaces. Only size 2H, gripped, is available, in coral.

Drakes Pride/Drakes Pride Professional

These bowls are the perfect choice for indoor surfaces or faster outdoor greens and have a constant finish with no hook. We only have the brown versions available in size 5M (Drakes Pride) at £30 less than the original price.

Welkin Shoes

In addition, Bowls World sell a wide range of white (and grey) soft ladies’ and gents’ Welkin shoes at reduced prices. These include Moccasin style bowls shoes, trainer style, lace-ups and Velcro shoes. Just click on the link below to find out more.

Bowls World –  Click here to see our full range of products including discount clothing, shoes, and lawn bowls.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Latest Bowls World Products and Special Offers

With spring fast approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on lawn bowls clothing and equipment ready for the start of the new season. At Bowls World we not only sell all the latest bowls, clothing, and accessories, plus top brand names at competitive prices – we also offer fantastic discounts too!

See below to find out about our newest products and special offers.

One point of note though – if you are buying from our stock clearance pages, don’t forget to act quickly….as once they are gone, they’re gone!

Bowls World Equipment and Clothing – Click here to see our full range of lawn bowls clothing, bowls and accessories.

New Waterproofs from the Green Play Range

The Great British weather is notoriously unpredictable – the sun could be shining one minute, and there could be a downpour the next. But as you well know in lawn bowls, rain doesn’t stop play, so it’s always best to be prepared.

With the new Green Play waterproofs range you can do just that. We sell stylish white, soft shell waterproof, windproof and breathable jackets that you’ll be glad you took with you to the green.

The jackets will keep you warm and dry, without restricting movement during matches. And the appealing grey piping and armpit patches have double the benefits – they add style to your outerwear and also disguise sweat patches.

Another item in we sell in the Green Play range is the white soft shell waterproof trousers which match the jacket above. Made from the same advanced material, these waterproof lawn bowls trousers offer warmth, comfort and flexibility – three essentials for when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The Green Play waterproof jacket and trousers are available in five sizes: small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. The trousers are sold in one standard leg length only.

At Bowls World, we offer free postage to customers living on the UK mainland. And, if you require super-fast delivery, we offer a next day delivery service. (Just select this option when ordering your lawn bowls clothing from us).

Green Play Range – Click here to buy Green Play waterproof jackets and trousers.

Stock Clearance on Welkin Shoes

Need new lawn bowls shoes? Now is the time to buy as Bowls World is having a stock clearance on Welkin Shoes.

And Everything Must Go….

If you are a lawn bowls fan and like to grab a bargain, here’s your chance to snap up some high quality ladies or gents slip-ons, lace-ups, moccasin or trainer style shoes – all at discount prices.

Read on to find out more about our exciting offers…

Velco Straps 

If you don’t like to struggle with laces, the grey Welkin Classic Twin Velcro Strap with extremely soft leather upper is the shoe for you. Priced at just £40 (£48 with VAT), these shoes are available in sizes 6 – 12, although hurry as some of the sizes (including sizes 9 and 10) have already sold out.

Trainer Shoe

The Welkin Champion was last year’s best seller for Welkin and this stylish shoe is for male or female bowls players. Appealing to wear on or off the green, it has a removable in-sock for extra support.

Buy it for £30.83  (£37 with VAT) and in sizes 4 – 12. The trainers are available in white or grey, although colours in some of the sizes have already sold out.

Moccasin Style

You can save a bumper £9 off the Welkin Winner Unisex shoe (2013 style) in grey and white soft leather. To date we only have sizes 8 and 11 left, as at just £22.50 (£27 with VAT) this popular shoe is fast selling out.

Another discount shoe flying off the shelves is the Welkin Winner Ladies and Gents; with £5 off it is now priced £29.17 (£35 including VAT). This comfortable soft leather shoe is wide fitting and is available in two colours – grey and white. Sizes 4 – 11 are available until stocks last.

The lace-up Welkin Team White with leather upper is priced at £23.33 (£28 with VAT) saving you £7. Sizes still available at the time of publication are 8, 10, 11 and 12.

Save £10 on the Welkin Finesse (white only) which has a wide fitting and a half size adjuster so you get the exact size for you. It’s priced £24.99 (£29.99 with VAT) and sizes 4 – 8 are still available to snap up.

You can save the same amount of cash with the Grey Welkin Zest, in a classic brogue design with a fabric lining. It has a wide fitting and a detachable in-sock for the ultimate in comfort on the green. Buy the Zest for just £30 (£36 including VAT).

Welkin Shoes at Discount Prices - click here to see our most up-to-date range of stock clearance shoes.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lawn Bowls Accessories – Gift Ideas

If you have a loved one or family member who is a keen bowls player, we have hundreds of lawn bowls accessories for you to choose from that make fantastic birthday, anniversary, Father’s/Mother’s Day or Christmas gifts. We have compiled some present ideas for amateur and professional players, which are bound to bring a smile this season. Our gift ideas for bowls players are suitable for all budgets. Just read on to find out some of the presents we recommend.

Lawn Bowls Accessories –  Click here to see our full range of fantastic gifts for bowls players.

Novelty Gifts 

Bowls World’s novelty gifts and stocking fillers are always fun to receive and are bound to spark up a conversation at the club. To personalise a loved one’s keys, we have attractive black leather key fobs featuring either a male or female lawn bowls player. Fun and retro, these stylish fobs mean no more lost keys! And as these great gifts are well under £10 we think it’s a bargain. Other gifts include badges and tie pins that you can add to a Christmas stocking or card, or wrap to hang on the tree.

Lawn Bowls Gift Vouchers

For a lawn bowls player who appears to have everything, a gift voucher makes  perfect sense as they can use it to browse our website to find just what they need, or put towards a more expensive item – such as lawn bowls, bags, shoes or clothing. We have vouchers in all budgets from £5 to £100 and everywhere in between. What’s more the receiver will get more for their money as we offer free postage on the UK mainland.

Lawn Bowls Books

A hardback makes a great gift as it provides a useful reference for years to come. ‘How to Become a Champion at Bowls’, by RT Harrison, is considered the most popular lawn bowls book with thousands of copies sold worldwide. The book incorporates an introduction to the game, techniques and tactics, psychology and fitness – it’s a must have for any bowls player!

Lawn Bowls Gift Sets

If you are unsure what to buy a bowls player, a gift set proves invaluable as it includes all the useful items to have on the green. We sell two types of packs from Henselite for under £20: the Gift Set has a towel, cream polish, spray chalk and a score card holder; and the Polishing Set has all that is needed to keep the bowls clean including a polishing sleeve, cloth and a tube of Grippo. You can speed up the arrival of your gifts with our ‘special delivery’ service.

‘Wet and Dry’ Towels

A great lawn bowls accessory, these handy items make colourful stocking fillers and are invaluable on the green. Use this super absorbent Emsmorn ‘Wet & Dry’ towel dry to clean and polish the bowls, or damp, for an excellent grip on the bowl. They can either be slipped into a bag or pocket, or hung on a trouser loop.

Leather Bowls Accessories

We have an excellent pick of leather lawn bowls accessories including leather scorecard holders, either wallet style or full size with a pen holder. Another very useful gift buy is the Drakes Pride leather belt pouch which slips over a belt and can be used to store spray chalk and a measure.


Always a great solution on a chilly day, a few handwarmers at Christmas make superb stocking fillers which will prove invaluable to the recipient. We sell three packs of two and they can be thrown away after use. Buy a few as they are always useful to store in a bowls bag!

Hip Bags

A hip bag is another lawns bowls gift that is useful to have on the green. Our OBG hip bag has four compartments for keeping  lawn bowls accessories and useful items to hand – including gloves, a mobile phone, cash, keys, pens, score cards, chalk and measures. It’s discreetly worn around the waist.  

Bowls World

Bowls World sell a vast range of bowls, clothing, shoes and lawn bowls accessories that make ideal presents. Just click on the link above to see what is available to buy. We ship all over the world.