Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bowls World are pleased to supply Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls from its online shop, delivering to the UK and to international destinations. Free postage to addresses in UK mainland.

Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls - click here to buy online
The newest addition to the Drakes Pride range, the reputation of Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls received an instant boost when they were used by Robert Weale to win Gold in the Mens Singles at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
Its draw is somewhere between that of the Professional and the Advantage, making it a bowl most suited to the experienced player. It plays in a very similar way to the ever-popular Drakes Pride Professional, making it a good “crossover” bowl for existing Professional owners wanting to try a narrower draw bowl.
The Fineline features a “balanced arc sole shape” which provides good stability and a flatter finish to the jack. This results in a bowl that will hold its line all the way to the head. It also features Drakes Pride's innovative Forty Dimple grip.
Made by the only English bowls manufacturer, the Fineline is suitable for mid to fast UK playing surfaces, in all playing conditions. Its price is in the mid-range, perhaps reflecting that this is not a bowl aimed at beginners, but is most likely to appeal to the experienced club bowler. It is available is a wide range of colours and has 10 year guarantee against cracking
It is not available in junior sizes, but the smaller sizes size 00, 0, 1 or 2 would be suitable for 11 upwards depending on hand size.
Available in sizes 00 to 4, heavyweight only.
Available colours: Black, Red, Mid blue, Speckled Green, Speckled Blue/Blue, Speckled Black/Red, Speckled Blue/Yellow, Speckled Burgundy/Red, Multicoloured, Speckled Purple/Blue, Speckled Magenta/Red. Plus a choice of personal emblem.
Looking After Your Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls
What better way to look after your new Drakes Pride bowls than with a new Drakes Pride bowls bag to match?
The Drakes Pride Pro Midi Bag is a new bag from Drakes Pride, with modern, sporty good looks to complement the Fineline bowl perfectly. Ruggedly built from nylon, with special bowls compartment it has both handle and shoulder strap. It’s a compact size bag, which also manages a shoe/wet gear sleeve. It is available in a choice of Black/Yellow or Black/Blue.
If you need something bigger, try the Drakes Pride Pro Maxi Bag instead, with similar construction, styling and colours to the Midi Bag, but with more space for shoes and waterproofs.
Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls - click here to buy online

Blaze Bowls

Blaze Bowls is the newest product sold by Bowls World and has taken the market by storm since its launch in September 2012.

It has fast become the most popular bowls sold by Bowls World and has so far outstripped other models. Martin Curtis of Bowls World, which sells a wide range of bowls equipment, was delighted with huge the interest in Blaze bowls and said: "Blaze has so far outsold any new model released in the last 10 years."
Blaze Bowls - click here to buy online.
Here we shall look at the benefits of Blaze Bowls, made by Taylor Bowls, and why this product is so popular.
Blaze Bowls - The Thumbs Up from World Champions
One of the many reasons why Blaze bowls has been simply 'flying off the shelves' is that contributions towards is design has been made by two world champions.
Triple world champion Andy Thomson is one of the best known players on the World Bowls Tour (WBT) circuit and is regarded as the 'statesman for the sport'. The Scottish born Londoner took up the game as a teenager, aged 13, and is England's most capped bowler. The England captain has won three Indoor World Bowls Championship singles titles as well as a host of other national and international titles.
Also putting his name to the bowl is Scotsman David Gourlay, head coach for the Scottish Commonwealth Games squad and former vice chairman of the Professional Bowling Association. He is ranked world no 8 and has won a number of national and international titles including the World Indoor Singles title in 1996. He took up bowling at the age of 11.
In addition to input by Thomson and Gourlay, Taylor Bowls has also received feedback from bowls players of all different levels and ages, who have each made their own contribution towards creating this brand new product.
What To Expect from Blaze Bowls
Blaze bowls is an all purpose bowls from Taylor Bowls which can be used for both indoor bowls and outdoor bowls. For outdoor bowls it is recommended for playing lead or number 2.
Another benefit of Blaze bowls is that the slim diameter of the bowl allows for a comfy grip during matches. This grasp is further improved by a Premier Grip - a deep dimple grip - which gives the player a firm hold of the bowl. A solid grasp is essential for accuracy and helps the player to achieve a steady and reliable draw every time.
The bias on Blaze bowls lies somewhere between Taylor Bowls' Vector VS and Ace. The Vector VS has a narrow drawing arc and the Ace has a slightly wider drawing arc. Both have no hook at the finish.
Whereas Vector VS is suitable for indoor and artificial bowls surfaces, Ace Taylor Bowls is ideal for both indoor and outdoor bowling.

Blaze Bowls - Modern Look
Blaze bowls have a contemporary, modern look and are available in a complete range of colours, including the limited edition Flame colour (orange with yellow flecks) and traditional black.
Other colours available in the Blaze range are: red, maroon/red, blue, yellow, lime green white/yellow speckle, dark blue/magenta, dark green/green, blue/blue, orange and raspberry ripple (magenta with dark pink) and vanilla sky (blue/yellow speckle).
You can personalise your Blaze bowls with an emblem. There are a wide range of emblems to choose from which are suitable for a range of different personalities and ages and these include: a sword, cowboy, dragon, bad boy, roses, tulips, a thumbs up, dolphin, swan, toucan, cat and puppy.
If you want to choose your own emblem from Bowls World, this is available for an additional £10 plus VAT and means a longer delivery time, of between 4 - 6 weeks.
Ordering Blaze Bowls
Bowls World is a UK company established 20 years. We sell a wide range of Taylor Bowls, bowls equipment, accessories, and clothing world-wide, as well as Drakes Pride, Henselite and Emsmorn brands. We also sell a wide range of bowls shoes for men, women and juniors.
If you are ordering Blaze Bowls from Bowls World and are UK based, we offer free postage to England, Wales and the Scottish lowlands.
For those ordering Blaze from abroad, to make ordering easier we have a currency converter so you can see the price in your own currency. We provide same day dispatch on all orders by 12 noon and this applies to all our customers world-wide.
Blaze Bowls - click here to buy online.